Monday, September 28, 2009

The Donut Plant, NYC. (Review)

The Donut Plant, NYC

It's that time of year again, the husband's birthday. And with that, comes the inevitable annual donut binge. I've never been a huge donut fan, however, there are a few exceptions, and The Donut Plant in NYC is one of them.

The Donut Plant ("TDP") is located on the lower east side. We cabbed it there early on Saturday morning having tasted their treats before and also having seen Donut shows talk about it on the Travel Channel. TDP is a small joint, no place to really sit, and not in a fancy neighborhood. You basically go get your $3.00 donut, and head home to savor every bite.

TDP boasts flavors like "Creme brulee" or "Pistachio" or "Black Out." They have a variety of cake, yeast and novelty donuts.

We got a potpourri to taste and share so we could adequately review the quality for you, our readers (that's right, we are lovingly blaming you all for our calorie binge!)

Above you will see the Glazed, Tres Leches, Chocolate Valhalla, Black Out & Creme Brulee flavors.

The breakdown:

Yeast Donuts:
(Glazed and Chocolate Valhalla)

While the glazed and chocolate were great, I felt like they were a tad chewy (even though freshly made). Also, I found myself looking for a little more of the sweet glaze. Frankly, I think that nobody does a better glazed than Krispy Kreme, and that has really made it tough for the others to compete.

Cake Donuts:
(Black out, Tres Leche)

The Black Out Donut is straight up the best donut I think I've ever had. It is a chocolate donut, with a very thin layer of cream in the middle, and topped off with tons of chocolate crumbs. Dipped in Coffee, or even nuked in the microwave for a few seconds, and you are in heaven.

*The tres leche also had a very thin layer of cream in the middle, and a nice, light glaze outside. It was spectacular, and a little lighter than the blackout.

*A plus for the cake donuts were they lasted until the next day and were still quite good, while the yeast donuts just seemed stale.

Overall, the cake donuts are the way to go here, you simply can't go wrong.

Creme Brulee

*The Creme Brulee really was similar to a creme brulee. It was filled with a cream very similar to the custard in creme brulee and the top was a scorched, crunchy sugar top. You felt like you were in fact eating a creme brulee dessert. This one was best on the first day, it's very rich and perfect to split.

If you are in New York City, and you love donuts (from what I can tell from our foodie friends, there is a closet nation of donut lovers out there!)
You will definitely want to give The Donut Plant a try.

Please share with us your all time favorite donuts and where we can grub them!

The Wilsons

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Cupcakes Make Everything All Right!

CupcakeImage via Wikipedia

When you are feeling down,
or just stuck at home recovering from surgery like me
the best thing someone can do....
is bring you a big,


Thank you to my friend who did just that tonight,

If I can't drink wine,
cupcakes come in a close second!!!

I ask,
I beg,
I plead,

Please have a glass of wine on behalf of this half of Wilsons' Eating Tour,

I will be so grateful if you get a little tipsy and raise a glass for me!

' Eating Tour

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top Chef, Making My Top 4 Picks. Weigh in on the Action!

Top Chef, Making My Top 4 Picks. Weigh in on the Action!

I love Top Chef, always have. It's one of the shows that made cooking seem fun and accessible. I used to watch it alone, as my husband had no interest, but slowly, he started watching it with me, and he got HOOKED! It is now one of our favorite shows.

Every week my husband and one of his co-workers bet on who will be going home that night.

I'd like to talk about who is going to WIN this series.

As I've previously stated, I think Kevin & Jennifer will be top two. But, there are some other real talents on board
Jennifer Carroll
So, here are who I pick to be in the FINAL FOUR of Top Chef. In addition to Jennifer & Kevin Above, I'm going with the Voltaggio Brothers.

Michael Voltaggio
Michael Voltaggio

Bryan Voltaggio
Bryan Voltaggio

Ok, YOUR TURN TO WEIGH IN: Comment BELOW With your FINAL 4 Picks.

*to comment, simply click on the word "comment" at the bottom of this post*

Maybe we'll put a prize on the line.

Coming SOON, Our Picks for who the WINNER WILL BE.

The Wilsons

Monday, September 14, 2009

Italian Ice, Popsicles, and Top Chef.

Photo of a cup of blue raspberry Italian ice b...Image via Wikipedia

Hi Wilson Eating Tour friends,
Just a note to say,
We haven't forgotten about you,
or about food
or wine
or apps
or vodka
or even scotch,

It's just that I (the missus) who does the writing portion of this tour can't exactly eat for a couple of weeks because I got my tonsils & adenoids out. So, for now, I watch the Food Network longingly from my bed as I ice my neck, down some pain killers, and suck on sugar free popsicles.

So, please know that we'll be back with a vengeance soon, and have some exciting things in store,

but for now, it's me, a box of popsicles and some Italian Ice (which as it turns out is really good!)

As a side note, I am loving Top Chef this season, and think Kevin and Jennifer are going to make it to the finals. This season is amazing! High stakes, Vegas, and lots of food gnarliness. Anyone else have thoughts on who might make it all the way??

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