Friday, July 31, 2009

"Public" Restaurant in New York's Central Park - A Yummy Breakfast (bacon bacon bacon)

I spend a great deal of time in Central Park because of my Golden Retriever. I have often wished there was a spot to grab a coffee or bagel. Genius Restaurateur, Danny Meyer, of New York's famous Union Square Cafe, and Shake Shack (among many others) has brought my foodie dreams to fruition with (the) Public restaurant. (located on the Upper West Side near the Reservoir, Delacorte Theatre, and Belvedere Castle. Also a quick walk from the Met for you Upper East Siders.)

There was a buzz with the morning locals, including the Park Conservatory folks about the breakfast sandwich, so I felt "obligated" as a park patron to give it a whirl. God forbid I pass up bacon and cheese for the sake of health when my reading public (aka my friends who read this blog) "need" to know about this savory breakfast sandwich.

Overall, I give the sandwich a 4 (out of 5), but it has potential to rise to a 5 if Danny would take a few tips from me and a few of the locals I chatted up at the park. Let me break it down for y'all.

The Breakfast Sandwich:
*Fluffy roll
*Bacon (Benton's bacon which they fry up right in front of you, NO microwave)
*cheddar cheese
some type of sauce / spread that does not overpower.

I was particularly excited about this sandwich because of the bacon factor. I love a good breakfast sandwich, but usually at bagel joints they microwave the bacon. I nearly hugged the gal at Public as she fried my bacon up before my eyes!

This sandwich is a hit for locals and tourists alike, along with the very reasonably priced $1.50 Illy brand small iced coffee (cheaper than the street vendor coffee guy outside my apartment - and seemed very large).

The ONLY thing I would change is add a little more bacon and maybe another egg. It wasn't quite substantial enough in proportion to the roll. I talked to another local in the park today, and she agreed.

Danny, if you are reading this, or some how subconsciously getting my bacon obsessed vibe, please, throw a sister a bone here and add a little more bacon and egg. If you do, people will travel for miles and miles to wolf down this tasty sandwich. Even still, it's worth stopping by when you are on a stroll, this sandwich will keep you satisfied for hours!

Cheers to all you bacon loving freaks, you know who you are.

Everything IS better with bacon,
The Wilsons

Comment, dream, email, text, dance, whatever.

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  1. I gave this breakfast sandwich a try on Sunday morning. Granted, it was pouring rain and my dog was going bananas over the dog treats on the counter, but I really enjoyed it. Very large in size, the bacon is outstanding and the cheese (they claimed it was cheddar cheese lard...huh?) was fantastic. One of the better egg sandwiches I have ever had. Pricey at $5, but it delivered on the taste front so I would get it again.



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